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“How Faith Annihilates Fear”

I am not hesitant nor shy to discuss fear and the power it once had over me. I’ve stated on record and I quote;

“Fear has attempted to box me in over the years. But the only power fear has is what we give it. I chose not to give fear the power to dictate, control, and manipulate the truth within me”.

WOW…. this is much easier said than done. I must say, when I first spoke this statement out loud it was mostly for moral support. I was talking myself through it. I’m not sure if I fully grasped the idea of not allowing fear to control me. Internally I was telling myself, “Alysha, fear is nothing and it holds nothing over you”.

Well, the truth is fear is an ongoing struggle for me. Most of the time it’s the battle within my own thoughts that try to keep me enslaved to fear. Along with the generational trauma that stands strong in my DNA. I guess the odds are really stacked against me when it comes to fear. I guess I should just stop resisting and just submit to it. Allow fear to control and dictate my life.

SIKE!!! think again……

I write this to let you know that fear will not win. Fear will not triumph over my mind, body nor spirit. Fear has no place here and it must be annihilated. To my knowledge the only way to annihilate fear is through strong belief and faith. In my own experience, strong belief and faith comes from a deep spiritual connection that encompasses and display light. It’s a supernatural connectivity to creation, life, and love that stretches far beyond the universe and the tangible realm of material.


What I’ve grown to realize and experience is that fear is darkness and there can not be any darkness where there is light.

We are light which indicates that fear can not exist anywhere we are!

We have the opportunity to put faith over fear and put fear under faith. Therefore, annihilating fear and upholding faith. This can only be done by recognizing that fear is powered through darkness and the only way it can be annihilated is through light.

Here are a few things that I practice to manifest light over darkness:

1. Early Morning Meditation

  • Schedule quiet time

  • Reading devotional material

  • Calm writing (reflection and free writing)

2. Fellowship With Others

  • Group conversation with like minded people

  • One on one intimate dialogue for release and support i.e.. having conversation with others that will not judge

3. Speaking It Into Existence

  • Our words are powerful, practice positive thinking and speaking

  • Being cautious of what we listen to and watch because it can alter and influence our behavior

4. Create A Wholesome Environment

  • Our environment can have a strong impact on our thoughts, behavior and outcomes

  • Cleanliness and quietness can result in peace and calm

5. Self-Forgiveness & Grace

  • Be gentle with ourselves, we’re going to miss the mark at times

  • Take time to reflect and learn from the lessons

  • Don’t be embarrassed about our experiences, use our experiences and story as a tool

As you read this and hopefully apply the information, please don’t hesitate to reach out and share with me. It’s important to create space for dialogue and transparency. I don’t have it all figured out; nevertheless, the fruit/outcomes from these practices speaks to the reward and sustainability of them. I know from first hand experience that these practices work and they bear long-lasting fruit. I’ve dedicated time and energy to learn and master them. I am an open book and always willing to share and connect!

A Pure Message For Our Generation:

Fear only has the power we give it. So, lets stop giving it power! Gravitate towards the power of light and the impact it can have in you, with you, and around you!

Mas LaRae “More Light, More Love, More Life”


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