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The mission of Mas LaRae is to provide a dynamic multimedia platform for diverse storytelling [to produce a pure message] that illuminates more light, more love, and more life by uniting and amplifying voices to foster purposeful connections for our generation.

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Our vision is to become a transformative force in the realm of storytelling, aspiring to touch more lives by sharing diverse narratives that resonate universally.


We are committed to fostering a future where diverse representation empowers and enriches the lives of individuals, creating a more connected and understanding world.

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We launched the Mas LaRae platform in 2020!


In the midst of COVID-19 and the fight for social justice, we saw a huge need to create a diverse space for people to share, connect, and inspire.


Right in the middle of chaos, MORE LIGHT was a beacon and safe place. Since then, we have shared over 200 stories, produced nearly 100 interviews, published blogs, designed events, and ultimately amplified our voices! 



Mas LaRae is a multimedia platform where we share, connect, and inspire through story-telling, clothing with a purpose, and intentional relationship-building. 


You can experience more light through our podcast The Mas LaRae Show, inspirational blog post and messages, our clothing brand, and diverse event series. 

Collaboration is a key element to our platform. We aim to work with as many people that see the value in our mission. Share Your Story with us so we can help share your story to the world. 

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Alysha L. Ellis is a serial entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, and creator. She is an award-winning business leader and innovator. Alysha founded Mas LaRae in 2020 with the belief that by creating spaces to unite and amplify our voices, we ultimately unlock our fullest potential, discover our purpose, and can strategically build together. She is constantly looking for ways to support fellow entrepreneurs, creatives, and storytellers. The Mas LaRae platform is one way we can show up as our true authentic selves and celebrate one another in our own giftings and talents. 

If you believe in the mission of Mas LaRae.....


It doesn't matter who is in the positions of power if the systems themselves are rooted in inequity.

Alysha L. Ellis

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