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Never Give Up!

You might have heard the news already, if not here we go..... I am officially a published author! WOW!!! What a journey it has been to publish my first book.

As I reflect on this journey of becoming a published author I'm truly brought to tears. I’ve put a ton of energy into writing this book that captures my personal journey of transformation. Overcoming generational poverty, systematic oppression, addiction, depression and much more.

To even imagine how far God has brought me just blows my mind. A great sense of humility and thankfulness overwhelms me. If you knew the obstacles set before me since I was in my mothers womb you wouldn’t believe me. There have been forces and strategies to prohibit me from walking in purpose and meeting destiny. Now to be here at this very moment is truly miraculous.

"No one can tell me God isn’t real."

I have literally been transformed because of God's LOVE for me. God saved my life on multiple occasions, from advocating for my life in my mothers womb to freeing me from addiction. Now, I get to share my story on how amazing God is, Wow! What an honor it is to represent such a high statue of greatness and royalty.

If I told you I knew I would be this person 20 years, 10 years, even 5 years ago I would be lying. I’ve overcome great adversity from a speech impediment as a child to literally teaching myself how to read/write as an adult. Being raised in an environment where most people my age are either dead, in jail, on drugs, living in poverty, poor in health the list goes on. I’m not here to brag or to even say that I'm special (although I am :)

I’m here to say, if God did it for me God can do it for you! We don’t have to continue the cycle. We don’t have to be a product of our environment. We don’t have to accept that false narrative over our lives! God has brought my life full circle. Listen how;

I've always had a passion and shown interest in writing since I was a young girl. From publishing in book competitions in grade school to writing poetry. I've always seen myself as a creative writer. However, my environment and life circumstances as a child robbed me from pursuing and advancing these passions. Before I got to high school, I went to nine different schools. Nothing was consistent but the inconsistency of our chaotic lives. I was suspended from schools for fighting, bad behavior, and poor grades. As embarrassing as it is, I was even held back and had to repeat kindergarten. These obstacles prevented me from learning, hindered my growth and damaged my confidence academically.

But someone say, God’s Grace……..

Perseverance is an understatement at this point. I mean come on folks this is nothing short of a miracle. Matter of fact, MIRACLES!!!!!

Now I stand here to say I earned three college degrees (Associates, Bachelors, and Masters), I’ve established multiple brands and businesses, developed and led community initiatives, and now you can add AUTHOR!!!! Not me, but God in me and through me has led me down a narrow path to embrace newness, restoration, and abundance. I’m not perfect, I too have made mistakes, failures, disappointments, etc. But I never gave up!


We have shared over 100 stories on the Mas LaRae platform. Now I get to share some of my own! Thank you to everyone that has supported, encouraged, and pushed me. Mas LaRae continues to grow and impact lives.

I would like to personally invite you to join us at our Annual Mas LaRae CELEBRATION April 23rd doors open at 6pm. I will be sharing and doing a small book signing, so get your tickets now!


So, as always I love to end each blog with a pure message. Mas LaRae means More Light. Our whole mission is to amplify a pure message for our generation. We do this through a multimedia approach by sharing our stories, clothing with a purpose, and intentional relationship building. Learn more about our vision at

Here's A Pure Message For You:

  • Never give up! Never stop believing! Never STOP!

  • Believe in God because God believes in you.

  • Give up that control you are holding onto.

  • Let God do the work and watch how God blows your mind!



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