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My Paradise

"Pick It Up & Own It"

This has been the hardest, but the most rewarding year. From well needed travel trips to internal healing and everything in between. I’ve enjoyed rest at the ocean and pain from past trauma. A journey that has strengthened my spirit and exposed personal self destruction. Yet, here I am sharing with you. Not in perfection but in total restoration. Welcome to My Paradise, that truly embodies imagination, reflection, and vulnerability. I'm picking it up and owning it!

I’ve had to sit with some things and analyze. In that sitting, I’ve been awakened to key elements that have been functioning within me. I’ve never been shy about my struggle with fear. You can read past blog posts and watch videos of me sharing my experiences as it relates to fear. At this point in time, what I've come to are the symptoms that stem from fear. Of late, here are the leading ones for me: control, anxiety, and doubt.

These three, are the symptoms of fear that I’ve noticed disrupting my core synergy and connectivity. They hunt like prey. Ready to pounce on anything that shines and smells like progress or hope.

It has been this awareness that pushes me to share.

I’ve definitely been on a journey in 2021 (like many of us). Although I've seen glimpses of it in 2019 and 2020, nothing has been quite like this experience. There have been very high moments and extremely low ones. I’ve learned so much about myself and the person I was created to be. Beyond cultural norms, expectations, and false identity. I’ve arrived here (kicking and screaming at times) but nevertheless I’m here.

One of the things I’m walking away with this year is SELF UNIFYING. I’ve come to a place in this journey where I feel like my spirit, mind, and body are linked and working for my good. Working for my well being. I can feel the exchange of energy and synergy in an infinite rhythm. Imagine an orchestra in harmony. That’s what I'm picturing when I write this. Everything in harmony. Playing their position. Knowing their function.

For the first time ever, I feel this within me.

I’m truly excited and honored to share this journey with you all in a new project (announcement coming soon). It has been liberating to say the least. It’s pretty ironic that we can feel liberated and at the same time feel pain. It's sort of like being stretched after a workout. You feel the release throughout your body and the pain circulating. There’s this instinct that radiates beyond thinking, to embracing. You smile through the pain because the pain is necessary.

That’s me right now. Accepting the stretch that is happening! Not resisting.

Slowly letting the control, doubt and anxiousness drift away. Deep breaths, closed eyes, and calmness. See the waves and hear them rushing into shore. Now, the sun is aiming at me and I am soaking it all in. My Paradise.

This is my morning meditation today. Agreeing with you to experience wholeness and tranquility. Not allowing another moment or day to go by without the essential self-care you need. We hear often, that life is too short so why wait. Stop right now and just breathe. Breathing is one of the most simple self-care practices one can take to establish calm. I encourage you, not to wait for 2022 "New Year, New Me Goals".

Take advantage of it right now!

Your paradise may sound and look different from mine. And that’s okay. The purpose is to create whatever paradise needs to be for you to continuously encounter freedom in every form. Calmness doesn’t need to be a far away desire, it is a necessity in life. Just like breathing. You need it to live. We have been so conditioned to function in chaos that we believe it is our normal. Perhaps, we can create a new norm that manifests a constant realm of paradise any and everywhere we go. And totally erase this illusion of searching our entire lives to find this magical place.

For my faith believers, 'Heaven On Earth' shouldn’t be a fantasy but a real, lived experience! And not just one experience but a life-long experience!

Through experience, I’ve learned that we have an opportunity to colabor in creating paradise each and every day. Embracing the good and the bad. The perfection and the imperfection. Not seeking to find it out there but embracing the paradise already within us. It doesn’t have to be something you visit. It should be something you own.

Friends, pick up your PARADISE & OWN IT!

So, as always I love to end each blog with a pure message. Mas LaRae means More Light. Our whole mission is to amplify a pure message for our generation. We do this through a multimedia approach by sharing our stories, clothing with a purpose, and intentional relationship building. Learn more about our vision at

Here’s A Pure Message For You:

  1. Take pauses throughout your day.

  2. Don’t allow yourself to expect that you can start and finish everything today.

  3. Some things will have to wait until tomorrow.

  4. Grant yourself permission to sit still, process, and heal.

  5. Just Breathe, it will be okay.

Salud to another day in PARADISE!


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