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Inside 2020

A Unique Reflection because the year 2020 has been one for the books!

As I entered the 2020 year I was full of excitement. Just finishing my MBA program in 2019, I was set to embark on new adventures. I had plans to travel across the country and reconnect with old friends. Plans to visit family that I had not seen for a while; but, most importantly, I planned to disconnect some socially and from work relations. All with the intention to reflect on the previous years of schooling and experiences.


I started 2020 with a mindset to use the year as a reflection period, to travel, and to discover. Even though 2020 hasn’t gone as planned I feel as if somehow I’ve been in a place of rest. For the past six years, I was going non stop. Starting two small businesses, going to school full time, working multiple part time jobs, and doing the whole joining the ranks of hustling and bustling as an entrepreneur (and a million things in between). I dedicated my time to learn, explore, and become a confident entrepreneur. While doing that I created good habits and learned a few bad habits. One of those bad habits was not taking care of myself (consistently). Self-care wasn’t a priority for me. Mostly because of my young nonchalant attitude.

Therefore, 2020 stopped me. It stopped the movement portion of my life. The going to 20 events a week hustle. Instead, I adopted the 20 zoom meetings a week. lol 😅

Nevertheless, the time being home has created a place of rest. Which I ultimately needed. At the same time, it allowed me to strengthen my relationships with family. I’ve been able to do the things I was too busy to do before, such as:

  • Play poker with my dad (which by the way I’ve gotten really good at), who still manages to bully me “Pops aka the real goat”!

  • Play Queen and Mermaid with my three year old niece (I am sure you can easily guess the queen of this game).

  • Learned that I can actually have an adult-like conversation with my 12 year old nephew who is brilliantly smart beyond my own understanding.

  • I’ve mastered cooking steak, assembling everything I ordered from amazon, and created a green plant oasis in my house.

I established the importance of my own self care. I incorporated new health and wellness techniques into my routine although not 100% consistent, but I am getting there.

Techniques such as:

1. Adult coloring books

2. Intentional deep breathing

3. Free writing/journaling


As I reflect on this year, here are a few of my own personal observations and experiences.

I noticed that during this time we are recognizing the importance of self-care and we are starting to normalize it. We are beginning to acknowledge mental health in our communities. Most importantly we are leading with love. In the midst of so much chaos this year these are the things I’m holding on to.

The fact that racism and equity is no longer the elephant in the room but is actually leading conversations. We continue to overcome and push through systematic oppression, disenfranchisement, marginalization and oppression. Most of all we are uniting. As much as mainstream media is showing our differences and hatred. We as people are unifying and becoming one.

So, for everyone out there that somehow made it through the last 11 months, take this last month to breathe. As different as this holiday season is going to be, take the time to be with people that love you and give love to others. Be conscious that there are millions of people in the world that go without hearing a hello or a hug.


A Pure Message For You:

Be kind. Be patient. Be More Light. Be More Love. Be More Life. Because this year has shown us a lot and one things for sure........


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