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"I See Greatness In You"

I look at the different environments I was exposed to while growing up and how many people didn't make it out of those places. Many deaths, additions, pain, trauma, and violence but in the midst of it all there was grace, hope, love, patience, and light. As I reflect on life, I’m thankful for the grace that the Lord has blessed us with, it’s clearly tangible. There was always a part of me that knew there was more. The courage to rise above the tormenting spirits that haunted us generationally and culturally, kept me safe and provided a tunnel vision focus. 


'The Courage to Rise Above’


There has been a deep knowing within my spirit that I could never accept the false narrative written for me. I refused to take hold of the keys that were handed to me or the cards that I was dealt. A narrative that is common amongst communities of color such as poverty, hopelessness, sickness, violence, and list goes on.

Instead of accepting the false-negative narrative, I aligned with the truth. The truth that covered me since I was in my mother’s womb. The truth that protected me through shoot outs, trap houses, fights, envy, anger, and hate. The truth that led me to education, newness, awakening, and transformation. This truth I embraced when I was exhausted from running and avoiding it. The moment I realized, "it's not what I do, it's about who I AM".

Past memories, traumatic experiences, DNA, generational holdings worked 24/7 on the clock to keep me enslaved to the false narratives spoken over me. Darkness attempted to come in every form of people, drugs, alcohol, and idols which contributed and shaped identity for me. An identity that wasn’t true and wasn’t created for me.


“It’s not about what I do, it’s about who I AM”. 


There is such an electrifying power in the truth that fought for me. The mighty prayers, ancestral presence, and destiny that continue to battle for and with me. Someone once told me, “I see greatness in you”. At that moment I needed every ounce of that greatness. I embraced it. I owned it. I’ve lived it. This grants me the right to give that greatness away because of the law of ownership.

So, I leave you with a pure message; that there’s greatness in you. Take that greatness and apply it. Own greatness, breathe it, live it, and as you embrace your greatness, pass it on to others. There is greatness in truth and that truth is with you.
  1. Love yourself.

  2. Don't accept the false narrative.

  3. Speak life, not death.

  4. Take time to reflect.

  5. Get a sticky note and write "I See Greatness In You" and place it on your mirror.

  6. And say it to others!


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