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Discovering Our Purpose

“Finding my true self has led me to discover my purpose”

The first time I heard about personal branding, I was starting my junior year in college (2014). I was totally oblivious to the term and the meaning. About a year later, I was completely overwhelmed with the idea of creating a personal brand. I didn’t know where to start and I definitely didn’t have anyone I knew that could help. 

Subsequently, I realized that before I could establish a personal brand I must know who I am. It’s pretty challenging to tell others about yourself if you don't know who you are. 

Now, as I reflect on what it took to get to this point in life where I believe I’ve discovered my purpose, I can’t disregard the tremendous personal growth that I had to go through. Sometimes when we want something so bad we force the outcome and by forcing the outcome we rob ourselves from truly experiencing the fullness of that personal and emotional growth. 

For nearly five years, I put my search to discover my own personal brand on the back burner. Instead, I dedicated all efforts to find my true self and less focus on a marketable image or consistent message that represented a brand (a lesson I learned in business 101).

First, I needed to find my true self. If you read my previous blog “I See Greatness In You” I reference the false-negative-narrative quite a bit. A narrative that is common amongst communities of color which embody many disparities such as poverty, hopelessness, sickness, violence, and the list goes on. This narrative is presented to us as if it’s the only way our lives can turn out. This narrative created a false identity for me and in order for me to find my true self, I needed to disassociate myself from it. 

This is why I state, “Finding my true self has led me to discover my purpose”

During this process, which entailed being in school, launching a new start-up business, and other ventures, I organically began to help others. This came through building and developing personal relationships, businesses, programs, and overall person to person interactions. As I was finding my true self, it became obvious that people around me began to notice changes in me. Changes such as my behavior, environment, language, perspective, engagement, and overall interactions. 

I believe that I experienced a metamorphosis which led to a journey of newness and remarkable opportunities for me. As I internally experienced transformation it reflected externally as well and most of all it empowered others around me. People around me began to change. Over the course of the last six years, I’ve been able to impact hundreds of people. Most of the time, I wasn’t even conscious that it was happening. I would get random calls or messages that something I said or did inspired someone. 

Before you knew it, I looked up and it was clear. I had discovered my purpose. Some people call it a personal brand and others say purpose or a calling. It was evident that the light in me was shining more than ever. Even though this light never goes out in any of us, I believe it can be dimmed and mine was surely dimmed due to the false-negative-narrative. 

All of those experiences led me to this AHA MOMENT, “Finding my true self has led me to discover my purpose and or personal brand”.

Nevertheless, I had to first find myself by discovering the true essence of me. Now that I know who I am and I have a better understanding of my purpose, I have the great honor of giving that to others. Whether positive or negative we are constantly giving to all creation around us. I made a conscious decision to connect to the positive.

I was eager to have a personal brand, but what no one taught me was first I needed to know my identity. We live in a "gotta have it right now generation. Which I call, the microwave generation. Where patience and timing are overlooked. 

So, I leave you with a pure message; understand the process, and what it takes to experience newness. Know that before you can run you must learn to walk. I believe everyone has a purpose and we have the right to know that purpose. Don’t be afraid to ask what is my purpose? and secondly don’t be afraid to discover it! 

A Pure Message for you!  

  1. Take time to discover your true self. 

  2. Explore the things that seem untouchable. 

  3. Embrace the unknown. 

  4. Know the difference between functioning subconsciously and consciously. 

  5. Never give up on your dreams, visions, and passions. 

  6. See that purpose and fulfillment is a much greater reward than forcing anything prematurely. 


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