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Alley-oop From God

I remember driving down Lake Ave. and imagining myself in one of those big fancy houses. I could literally picture myself inside. Opening the door. Pulling up the driveway. I would tell myself, “You are going to live here one day!”, “This will be yours!”. There was no doubt in mind that it was true. That one day I would pull up and unlock the front door. It wasn't just about the house itself, but the lifestyle that I imagined with it.

Having a family. Being happy. Enjoying the best quality of life.

The house represented a lot for me. It provided a sense of stability, a core foundation, and protection.

I could see myself eating breakfast in the morning overlooking the lake and the sunrise. The ambience filled with peaceful smells of lavender and a fresh breeze of mint. Big windows with long curtains, white walls, and large vibrant green plants flooding all corners. As I stood there in my robe with hot tea in my mug my smile radiated and embodied by the blissfulness of day and calmness of tomorrow. This is where I lived! This is what I've imagined for years!

One of the hardest parts of this journey has been now. This very moment. To actually see where you’re going, but having to be still in the process is extremely humbling. Although it has been comforting at times when that gentle voice reminds me that those dreams are unfolding as we speak. Nevertheless, fear tries to creep in. I think the foreseeing aspect has been the most frustrating part at times. Because you know where you're headed. You're headed right to that big ole' fancy house with the front gates that open for you, but you're not there yet.

It's the process that creates frustration.

Being a work in progress doesn't always feel good. Matter of fact, my friend and I was just discussing this topic. The fact that this process can be painful. The unlearning of traits and characteristics that you didn't actually know were holding you back. Or better yet, the ones you didn't know you had. Those are the ones that hurt the most. For me recently it has been rejection. I had no idea that I struggled with rejection issues. Yikes!


I speak candidly about it in my new book COMPLETE. It wasn't until recently that I was awakened to this function. The most amazing part about it was seeing how many of my toughest experiences linked back to it, rejection that is. I use this as a quick but transparent example regarding the process. Without being aware of how rejection hindered my ultimate purpose I wouldn't be able to continue growing through the process. I would be stuck in it. So, although it is painful it is necessary.

God has constantly reminded me that I am not alone on this journey. God is with me. If someone leaves. If no one answers. If everyone is too busy. GOD will always be there!!!

In this time, it has been the reassurance that nothing God says should return void. God’s promises to you are eternal. They have no time limit. See, we like to put time limits on everything because that’s how we’ve been conditioned to think and approach goals. We stamp a BIG deadline on it. For example we say “well, God in 30 days if I don't see it happen then I’m going to try it this way instead”.

What we’re not aware of is that this postpones Gods work and hurts our pride in the long run. God doesn’t operate in time zones. God has a process to everything God created. When we apply natural time limits to God’s moving then we not only offend ourselves but we offend God! To trust God means to do so wholeheartedly. Not part time! We can not approach God only 20 hours a week, Monday through Friday.

God wants full 24/7 access. Monday through Sunday! In doing so God can actually work!

You see, we want to ask God but with, a do it yourself attitude . This isn't effective! And won't actually produce the outcome we expect!

To trust is to completely let go of your own doubt and insecurity. You might ask, how do I do that? When that doubt begins to rise up, see it. Don’t shy away from it. Our biggest challenge isn’t the doubt itself but the denial of it. Acting like it doesn’t exist creates mental challenges and unnecessary mind tricks. Once that thing starts to operate, call it out!!! And tell it that it can not live here anymore! Begin to magnify peace! Begin to picture yourself where God has promised. Call those things forward. Speak what you believe.

That house is mine.

That new job is mine.

Financial freedom is mine.

Peace of mind I own!

A pure heart I have!

Now, watch how your mindset begins to shift from doubt to belief! See what you do have as an arsenal to get you to where you’re going. Don’t focus on what you don’t have because that’s just a distraction to get you off track. Focus on the now. Attract what is true.

So, as always I love to end each blog with a pure message. Mas LaRae means More Light. Our whole mission is to amplify a pure message for our generation. We do this through a multimedia approach by sharing our stories, clothing with a purpose, and intentional relationship building. Learn more about our vision at

Here's A Pure Message For You:

I just want to encourage you that this isn’t the time to stop believing. This isn’t the time to give up. This is the time to stand up and trust in God. This is the time to speak the promises that God has already said! This is the time to know and believe that God has your back!

Watch God Set The Alley-oop Up!! The question is “Are You In Position To Dunk It?”
  • God has something special just for you.

  • Keep believing. Keep imagining. Keep working.

  • You are valuable! Your life has purpose! I see greatness in you!



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