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Accepting the Ultimate Power of Being Limitless!

At the end of every year, I usually spend quite a bit of time reflecting on the year as a whole. Thinking to myself and answering a range of different questions. Toward the end, I attempt to summarize the entire year into one word. My word for 2019 was LIMITLESS. 

It's no secret that in 2019 I embarked on a massive journey that had detours, u-turns, caution and construction areas along with some beautiful scenery.

Leading into the year, I committed myself to complete my master’s program at Cleveland State along with managing five-seven part-time projects. I was extremely busy and at max capacity and what seemed to be a very organized and achievable plan didn’t exactly go as expected. 

As I attempted to balance school, work, family, and myself, life just kept happening around me. I had three unexpected deaths in my family, two of which were drug-related. About one month later I learned my dad was diagnosed with fatal lung disease with a life expectancy three-five years meanwhile, I found out in his year five. 

It was one thing after another (construction zone after construction zone). I had to keep adjusting my cruise control and at times I totally needed to disconnect from all distractions and focus on the road. Which meant I needed to turn the radio off, buckle up my seat belt, and be 100% cautious. While navigating through this journey the destination felt unrealistic. 

There were doubts, fears, and obvious anxiety that manifested as well. At those times there were only a few things that got me through: my walk with God, my support system, health and wellness, inspirational documentaries like Beyonce Homecoming (this gave me straight LIFE), and music.

Meek Mills Championships Song “I’m speaking to you as a prophet as rear as they come”.
“God’s Got A Blessing” is the Old School Gospel I’ve always loved.  
“Made A Way” by Travis Greene, we all have that song where you can just sing with and automatically feel better.

Although 2019 had many trials and tribulations, it showed me that

no matter what comes at you, no matter who doubts you, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

The most amazing part- I didn't do it alone. My spirituality has been the foundational stability that keeps me moving forward. It has brought me great freedom, hope, and life. The endless prayers, encouragement and pure love from my support system have pushed me through places I didn’t think I could go. Lastly, self-care was extremely vital during 2019. Having a balance between everything going on brought true harmony to life and essentially manifested in everything that I was doing.

I would like to personally say thank you to everyone that prayed for me, thought positive thoughts about me, synergized with me, invested in me, and most importantly NEVER GAVE UP ON ME! 

This is my first official blog and I’m using it to say THANK YOU! It’s only right to start this thing off the right way, which is through honor. Honoring the ones that got me here and the ones that came before me. I’m eternally thankful for you! 

So, I leave you with a pure message; accept the ultimate power that comes from being LIMITLESS. Don't allow limits to put boundaries on you. Embrace the fierceness you embody. Know that you are FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY MADE, lacking NOTHING!
  1. If you need help ask for it.

  2. Don't be held victim to your past.

  3. Connect with a higher power/purpose.

  4. Self-care is vitally important (Get your hair done, take that walk, eat that salad).

  5. Stop waiting for tomorrow and be it today.

  6. And be MORE LIGHT, MORE LOVE, AND MORE LIFE for the world is waiting!


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