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In Complete, Alysha shares her personal journey of transformation, faith and revelation of identity. It is authentic and vulnerable, down to earth and transparent, and is an encouragement to anyone questioning their purpose and destiny.

Complete captures an in-depth seven-year journey of true self-discovery and personal restoration, as Alysha reflects on the real-life traumas, generational poverty and self-destruction that led to a life changing experience. This experience proved to be the foundation for change. Although many marginalized groups never make it out of survival, in Complete, Alysha exposes the hidden strongholds and blockages that typically feed the cycle of poverty. She embarks on being the first-generation college graduate in her family, invests in the importance of personal, professional, and social development, but most importantly, partners with God to create and sustain truth and freedom within her beliefs, culture, environment, and language.

In this heartwarming memoir, Alysha releases a call to the youth as well as to those in urban communities with a piercing message: “You too can change your narrative”.


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