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Nicole D. Miller- Spotlight

Welcome to our Spotlight Feature, a special blog for our shining stars! Another way we like to share, connect and inspire through our platform. This blog is personally written by Mas LaRae Creator, Alysha LaRae Ellis. We ask that you help us support these amazing Movers & Shakers by sharing this blog article with your networks and via social media.

Meet Nicole D. Miller, an author, entrepreneur, and creator! Nicole is no stranger to the Mas LaRae platform we have featured her on our #SaturdaySupport Show and Meet The Author Series! Recently, she shared the stage with us at the Mas LaRae CELEBRATION!

Let me first start off by saying how truly blessed I am for having a friend and sister like Nicole in my life. We have known each other for over 10 years. We have supported each others ventures, wine nights, and created a sisterhood. I'm amazed by her grace and wisdom. She is always full of life and energy. It's the small details that matter to Nicole, from her cat to her books she lives in the moment!!! She embodies culture, faith, and of course FASHION!


On the professional side, I would describe Nicole as a seasoned business expert and leader. One that takes pride in business integrity, values, and ethics. She is always willing to offer her experiences as lessons learned and moments of growth. She received her MBA from Baldwin Wallace University in accounting and is a true champion for her community.

And believe us when we say "Yesterday's price isn't today's price"!!! lol

Although Nicole has several gifts and talents she continues to discover herself as an entrepreneur daily. She is the Founder of ABN Bookkeeping where she has 10+ years of working in accounting and has enjoyed using her growing knowledge to assist small businesses whether its educating through presentations or doing the work for them. She provides the attention her clients need to help their vision become reality.

By nature Nicole is a writer. As a blogger of Better Than Wine, Nicole has opened up about faith, relationships, culture and more. She envelops you in her words as she shares relatable stories. Whether it’s her blogs or books my sis can write!!! I’m always amazed by her dedication to share and express through vulnerability.

Nicole not only shares her story but helps people do the same. From her book How to Overcome Heartbreak stories that heal to launching Self-Publishing 101 an ebook to assist others in their journey to becoming a self publishing author. Not to make this blog about me :) but I have to share how vital she has been in this season for me. Last September, I reached out to Nicole with a few questions regarding publishing my book.

The more questions I had the more she pushed me to read her book. If you know me, you know I can be a bit persistent when I want something. My mind was already set that Nicole would help me publish my book. I knew she was the one to get the job done. After a few calls and even some praying, Nicole said yes to publishing my book. Now, lets be clear about something here, Nicole had been on the fence about launching our own publishing agency although it was something she would do in the future she wasn’t sold on the timing of right now!

But come on we all know “Tell God your plan and watch God laugh”.

Of course in discussion with her all we could do was laugh with one another, like this is really happening. We are about to not only launch my book but also launch Nicole’s publishing agency during the process.


Last week during our Mas LaRae CELEBRATION, Nicole was one of the select authors to be spotlighted. We officially made the announcement there, that Nicole had been the mastermind behind taking my book to the next level! It is with great excitement and humility that we share our story with the whole world! Nicole D. Miller Publishing Agency is in full effect! God has led us every step of the way. I’m so looking forward to sharing the stage with Nicole and witnessing her soar!!!

Thank you Nicole, for believing in me. Thank you for investing in me. Thank you for being you! We didn’t know it at the time but God did!

Stay tuned for the Meet The Author Series full episode featuring Nicole D. Miller. Where we discuss her books, new ventures, and more!

There’s many ways you can help support and connect with Nicole, here's a few SIMPLE ways;

It’s our pleasure to spotlight Nicole and her journey. Nicole continues to pioneer through as a mentor, leader, and champion for prosperity, purpose, creativity. Thank you Nicole for serving your community and leading by example!



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