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Luis Cartagena - Spotlight

Welcome to our Spotlight Feature, a special blog for our shining stars! Another way we like to share, connect and inspire through our platform. This blog is personally written by Mas LaRae Creator, Alysha LaRae Ellis. We ask that you help us support these amazing Movers & Shakers by sharing this blog article with your networks and via social media.


Most of us have ideas, passions, creative ventures that lead to the point of launching something new. Luis Cartagena is no different. We sat down with Luis on our show, where he shared some of his most vulnerable moments of his journey with us. We also discuss essential business tips, practices, and resources together!

Check out the full Podcast Episode!

Luis spent his 20’s hustlin. Developing businesses and growing his clientele. From music to brick and mortar he did it all. He would be the first to say that it came easy to him. Luis is definitely a people person. He can spark up a conversation with just about anyone. He not only engages you in the conversation but asks for your opinion which makes it easy for anyone to connect with him including myself.

In his early years of entrepreneurship he learned that it took more than a friendly personality to grow and sustain his businesses. He realized that he needed more skills, education, and the expertise to take his businesses to the next level. Although social media may show us that the entrepreneurial lifestyle is luxurious and glamorous, for most of us, that's not true at all.

Being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 hustle.

It takes sweat and tears to persevere through. Failure is also very common although we don’t hear much about that side of business, especially for minorities. But Luis is an open book that shares his wins and loses as relates to business. Moving through the trails and errors that business presents on a day to day basis Luis capitalized on the missing pieces. Education was key for him to take his lessons learned and lived experience to sustainability. Which is what he spent his 30’s investing into.

Luis saw the value in the know how and the longevity of education. He dedicated his time and resources in pursuing his MBA in business with a focus on finance. At the same time excelling at being a husband, father, and active community member. Luis saw the necessary, scalability factor of knowledge. And he was dedicated to accomplishing it!

When we think about what it takes to actually grow a business from idea to sustainability picture Luis Cartagena!

Once securing his credentials that parallel with his lived business experience Luis was ready and equipped with the tools to grow a company. Which brings me to his WOW Factor!!!!

Business Knowledge + Hustle Expertise = ENTREPRENEURIAL MAGIC!

The last few years he has put all of his knowledge, expertise, relationships, and community into a bundle to launch Cartagena CPA and Consultants. A firm aimed to expand and strengthen their clients capacity. Luis uses his own personal business failures and successes to position his firm's clients to excel. At the same time pushes them to think beyond current situations. Luis has been awarded and spotlighted throughout Cleveland including Crains 40 under 40! He is a respected father, husband, leader and mentor to the next generation.

"Thank you Luis for the many conversations about leadership, community, and faith! You continue to create safe places for transparency and realness. You are a true champion for the younger generations!"

You can connect with Luis:

Don't forget that Cartagena CPA & Consultants 100% Minority Owned and fluent in Spanish services. It’s our pleasure to spotlight Luis and his entrepreneurial journey. Luis continues to advocate, lead, and mentor. Thank you Luis for serving your community, leading by example and being a good friend!


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