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The Box

Removing the Barriers that Divide Us!

I never understood the meaning of having to choose one thing. I 100% dislike having to choose a favorite color or pair of shoes. I don’t like feeling forced to just like one thing. Truth is, I love variety which is probably why I have so many playlists. My moods change. Yes, black is a safe color for any woman to wear but I’m not always in the mood to wear black. Sometimes I like to put on that hot vibrant bold red that radiates across the room. Or vibe to my old jams with the windows down even though I listened to DMX earlier.

You see, our energy has a deep connection to how we express ourselves. By forcing ourselves to eliminate other options that could easily be interchangeable with our environment, age, or even moods limits us.

I guess I never realized how much society, systems, culture and processes have limited our choices.

Have you ever filled out an application that asked you what you were most passionate or interested in but only allowed you to check one box? Did you think to yourself, “I wish I could pick more than one of these responses?” I think most of us can agree that we’re passionate about many things.

For me, I’m passionate about justice, freedom, creativity, and expression, just to name a few. I believe people should have the freedom of choice and thought. I also think that we should have equal access to resources and living necessities. I’m interested in helping people, solving problems, and exploring new things. Nevertheless, there’s not always an option to select all of the above on an application. At the same time, we could apply this to the way our daily lives operate.

It has been my personal experiences that shape and support the validity of my position as it relates to checking the box. What I’ve noticed at least in western society and through our public school system (which I became extremely familiar with by attending nearly ten different schools before I got to the 9th grade). I think it’s fair to state I’ve become an expert through personal experience in the public school system. These experiences mixed with the diverse and multicultural upbringing I’ve had captures my perspective.

When I was young, I remember having to check a box to the question, “what is your race?".

A lot of the time it did not permit me to select more than one choice. For Latinos/Latinx it has an additional question regarding ethnicity. So, for me being multiracial or of mixed races, I was forced to pick one or the other. Ninety percent of the time I couldn’t pick both Caucasian and Latino/Latinx. It had to be one or the other. I was never educated on the race question as it pertains to being multiracial. Sometimes I even selected Native American because I didn’t want to be limited to the Caucasian box.

It’s interesting to me to think about my current obsession with eliminating labels and boxes because of my own personal journey in America.

Long before I became consciously aware of it, I decided that I wasn't going to allow anyone to box me in. Not a political party nor Facebook interest questions (lol). To this day, it's hard for me to pick my favorite artist. Actually, I had someone I recently met ask me who my favorite music artist was. I attempted to select just one but found myself expanding to at least 7-8 different artists. At the same time I stated the reason behind each selection. I totally caught myself right in the act.

The same description goes for my occupation, work, career, or whatever people call it these days. I’m frequently asked could you please describe what you do in four to five words. Umm, no I can not! (lol). lt’s like someone asking you on a first date, “so tell me about yourself.” In my head I’m like, we don’t have all day here.

I guess this is just a way I explain me. I’m unfiltered. Limitless. Fearful, but daring. I’ve learned to be vulnerable. I’ve embraced self love. If I'm being honest I’ve had to unlearn a lot of behaviors, thoughts, and even beliefs. I hate labels. I love freedom. I am forever evolving.

So here’s The Pure Message in all of this:

I don’t believe that the four lines that create a boundary which aligns a box has any power whatsoever. We have allowed these thin lines to dominate our choices, lives, and ultimate values in life. Throw the boxes away my friends.
  1. Embrace the uniqueness we have as humans.

  2. Live by the true definition of both equality and equity.

  3. Share your story and listen to others.

  4. Learn the true essences of love.

  5. Unlearn the oppressive teachings that limit us.

  6. Discover newness.

  7. And live in the NOW!


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