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A multimedia platform where we share, connect, and inspire through story-telling, clothing with a purpose, and intentional relationship building. Our mission is to produce a pure message for our generation and audience by magnifying more light, more love, and more life. We believe by creating spaces for us to unite and amplify our voices we ultimately unlock our fullest potential, discover our purpose, and strategically build together.

We launched the Mas LaRae platform in 2020! In the midst of Covid-19 and the fight for social justice we saw a huge need to create a space for people of color, minorities, and others to share, connect, and inspire. Right in the middle of chaos MORE LIGHT was a beacon and safe place. Since then we have produced nearly 100 interviews, published blogs, designed events and ultimately amplified our voices! 

Meet Alysha LaRae Ellis

Creator. Strategist. Developer. Innovator. 

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Creator of Mas LaRae

​Alysha LaRae Ellis has a Master's in Business, Bachelor's in Urban Regional Planning with a minor in Business Management and Labor Relations from Cleveland State University, and an Associate's in Liberal Arts from Mercyhurst University. She is a Cleveland, Ohio native and has dedicated herself over the years to invest in community, equity (health, economic, women, and racial), and entrepreneurship. During her engagement in community transformation, she has launched several initiatives, businesses, programs, and innovative strategies. See below to learn more. 

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Award-Winning Business Leader

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"Fear has attempted to box me in over the years. But the only power fear has is what we give it. I chose not to give fear the power to dictate, control, and manipulate the truth within me" - Alysha L. Ellis


Co-Founder of FWO

In 2016, Alysha partnered with other women to create Fierce Women OnBoard- A Women's Empowerment Group! Learn More Below!